Fetch Customer Ledger

The information below provides a reference on how to access the Customer Ledger.

Business Rules

• A valid CustomerAccountNo and invoice payment status is required.

The Request
Type: String

API token is an encrypted string that is used to identify and authenticate an application or user.

Type: String (50)

The customer account number is a unique identifier of each customer, it is used to generate an invoice against the particular customer.

Type: List (“All”,”paid”,”unpaid”)

Invoice status.

Sample Object
    "ApiToken": "1e717de6c3cd4f9c814961f960ca3b78",
    "CustomerAccountNo": "1001",
    "paid_unpaid": "All"    


Sample Response
    "Status": 1,
    "Code": 200,
    "Message": [
            "InvID": "1",
            "InvType": "SI",
            "InvDocNo": "Open Bal",
            "InvDate": "2021-10-10",
            "InvDueDate": "2021-10-10",
            "InvTotal": "1000.00",
            "InvBalance": "1000.00"
            "InvID": "4",
            "InvType": "SI",
            "InvDocNo": "",
            "InvDate": "2022-04-02",
            "InvDueDate": "2022-04-19",
            "InvTotal": "336.60",
            "InvBalance": "336.60"
Status Codes
Status Code Type Message
200 Success The request was successfully completed.
201 Error Invalid Key Details.
202 Error Data is not valid in API request.
203 Error Data is not valid in API products.
204 Error Validation failed.
205 Error Invalid IP Address.
400 Error Bad Request.
403 Error Forbidden.
404 Error Not Found.
500 Error Internal Server Error.